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6 Best Viewpoints In Komodo

September 22, 2017

The ultimate guide to the best view points in Komodo National Park
-Note: these Komodo viewpoints are NOT numbered from best to worst-

Have a look at this Map of the Viewpoints in Komodo National Park

This is a Map of all the Best Viewpoints in Komodo National Park. To see full guides of these viewpoints, visit our blog @ GoingEpicPlaces

Map of Viewpoint in Komodo National Park

1. Gilli Lawa Darat (south)

Located on the northern tip of Komodo island, Gilli Lawa Darat is one of the two small Gilli islands (+ Gilli Lawa Laut) that make up a beautiful archipelago here. Day trip boats from Labuan Bajo often visit here for sunsets and overnight mooring in the sheltered bay area. From this viewpoint, you get a full panoramic view of the crystal clear bay and the northern part of Komodo island. As the sun sets to the West, you can witness the smoke erupting silhouette from Sangeang volcano approximately 60km away in Sumbawa.

Distance from LBJ: 35km
Duration to summit: 20-25min steep uphill walk
Epic Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trekking viewpoint of Gilli Lawa Darat, in Komodo National Park. From this viewpoint you can see Komodo island and Sangeang volcano to the West. Great sunset trek. For more info on Komodo, visit our blog @ GoingEpicPlaces

Treking viewpoint of Gilli Lawa Darat

2. Gilli Lawa Darat (north)

On the same island as the previous spot, this viewpoint is a bit more tricky to get to -but well worth it. WHY? -Because from this viewpoint you can look down at the passage dive site known as “Shotgun”, and can actually spot Mantas from above! (To find out the best places to swim with Mantas, click HERE) Also, very few (if any) people venture to this side of the island (bad footpaths/ not near mooring spot), so you are likely to be alone! Can also see Sangeang volcano. How to get there? you can either start from the south (more popular) viewpoint of Darat, and walk over the mountain to the other side (Note: Footpaths are steep and overgrown and can take 45min+ ) Watch me take this route HERE. If you are on a private boat, you can moor closer to the north of the island (near lagoon or dive site) and walk from there.

Distance from LBJ: 35km
Duration to summit: 30-45min from south part of island (steep and overgrown at some spots)
Epic rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gilli Lawa Darat/ Laut viewpoint Komodo National Park. This is a great trek during sunset, and you can often spot Mantas in the ocean down below (divesite aka: Shotgun)

Gilli Lawa Darat viewpoint (north) looking down at Mantas

To get a better perspective of things, take a look at this aerial shot of Gilli Lawa Darat

Different routes and viewpoints on Gilli Lawa Darat island in Komodo National Park. For more info on viewpoints in Komodo, visit our blog @ Going Epic Places

Viewpoints and Routes on Gilli Lawa Darat -Komodo National Park

3. Pink Beach Viewpoint

Located by the famous “Pink Beach” of Komodo, this viewpoint is a short stroll up a nearby hill. Once at the top you can overlook the east part of Komodo island from multiple angles, as well as notice the distinct pink sands of the beach down below. It is an easy walk, good during any time of the day.

Distance from LBJ: 40km
Duration to summit: 5-10min walk up soft hill
Epic Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️

Panoramic viewpoint at Pink Beach in Komodo National Park. The beach (on the left) is one of seven pink beaches in the world. Beautiful spot to watch sunset

Viewpoint at Pink Beach -Komodo island

4. Kelor island viewpoint

 A small island not too far from Labuan Bajo, Kelor almost seems like something out of a cartoon. A small beach occupied by a hand full of palm trees, deep blue water on the one side and shallow reef on the other, and finally, a decent size hill to climb. Don’t underestimate this tiny mountain, as the short path to the summit is definitively steep and stone-strewn. However, once at the top, you will be met with an ideal panoramic view of your surroundings!

Distance from LBJ: 10km
Duration to summit: 5-7min walk up steep hill
Epic Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trekking to the top of Kelor island for panoramic viewpoint of Komodo National Park. There are many viewpoints in Komodo National Park. To learn more, visit our blog @

Kelor island viewpoint

5. Padar island

Approaching Padar feels as if you have arrived at a Game of Thrones destination. Located in the more southern parts of the Park, where waters are dark and cold, this island offers one of the best viewpoints in all of Komodo. From the top, you get a unique angle of the four bays carving into the land, making the island seem like some type of octopus!

Distance from LBJ: 40km
Duration to summit: 25min walk moderate uphill
Epic Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Panoramic view of Padar island viewpoint in Komodo National Park. This is a great place to do some trekking and witness some incredible views. For more info on Komodo National Park viewpoints, visit our blog @

Padar island viewpoint -Komodo National Park

6. Rinca island

Rinca island is the second biggest island in the Park. More Komodo dragons reside here than anywhere else (approx. 1300), thus making it a popular spot for tourists to visit. When doing a “Dragon Walk”, you can choose multiple roots (long/ medium/ short), many of which will lead you to the top of a nice hill with a decent view of the north part of the island. The walk is easy and various animals can be spotted such as Komodo dragons, Wild Pigs, Buffaloes, and deer.

Distance from LBJ: 25km
Duration to summit: 30min – 2 hours (depending on what route you take)
Epic Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️Rinca island is home to more than 1300 Komodo Dragons (more than any island in Komodo National Park). Komodo Dragons are a large species of lizard found only in Indonesia. They saliva contains bacteria that can kill their pray hours/ days after being bitten. At Rinca island you can walk and observe these magnificent beasts from close up. @ GoingEpicPlaces


Have a look at this Map of the Viewpoints in Komodo Nation Park


PS: These are only some of the MAIN viewpoints we visited during our 4 months in Komodo. There are undoubtedly more to be discovered around the Park.

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